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Misinformation in the Church

For many years the Lord has prompted me to speak out about what is going on, or not going on, in churches today. Many of my radio shows have reflected this topic and over the past few years, I have seen dangerous false doctrines spreading like wildfire over social media. Everyone thinks they are an expert and some of these armchair preachers are going to have a hard time answering the Lord one day when He asks them why they were not telling the truth about Him... So let's dive into this. I think there is a desperate need to get back to Bible 101. There is such a thing as "religious syncretism" and although this has been going on for ions, it seems to be getting worse as of late. Religious syncretism is when people take a little bit from that religion, and from this one, and from their church, and from their family belief, and from Aunt Sally's church and blend them all together, creating a new Bible, and then they preach from it on social media. What is the fallout from this? People are listening and being influenced! Their influence no longer comes from God's Word, but from this new word that has almost mesmerized congregations everywhere. And as we look around, people are suffering and need help more than ever, but not given the proper information from the true and living Word that will help them. There are some great churches out there... don't get me wrong. But so many are out of touch and not properly serving the congregations because they just don't preach from the Bible. Or if they attempt to, they have no clear understanding of scripture. Let me ask you this. Does your church: 1. Have altar time for prayer at the end of each service? 2. Offer communion every time the church is open? 3. Offer the elders to pray for people? 4. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead the service instead of a flyer listing the schedule? 5. Allow the gifts of the Spirit to flow? 6. Believe that healing is alive and well in the person of Jesus and that we can be healed? I could add so many more things here, but these are just a few. My point here is that most churches have become country clubs and they don't function in the proper capacity in order to truly help their people. Instead of running to the doctor at every sniffle, people should be running to their church for prayer, that is, if it is one that allows this. Many don't have the time or stomach for it, quite frankly. I have witnessed this first hand. Next time in this series I will start to tic off topics in Bible 101. Let's get back to basics. We are in a spiritual war on this earth and we need to be fully equipped for the battle. Stay tuned... ~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry Minister, Teacher. 1993-2023.


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