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Kimberly Lemler Ministries

Minister ~ Teacher ~ Author ~ Radio Host

Biblically Based Inspiration & Guidance

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I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. In the five-fold ministry, my office gifting is that of a Teacher. I am no longer Life Coaching or Pastoring. Instead, my focus for my next season is writing/publishing books, writing and recording radio broadcasts and podcasts, and working on our Healing School so that I can bring you materials that will help you in your walk with the Lord. I would be happy to counsel you if you have a need.

Currently I am just doing email counseling and phone counseling. Counseling is not prayer.
If you need prayer, please use the form below.  We will certainly pray for you!!


Need advice?
I can help you with:

      -Marriage Problems
      -Surviving and Thriving After Adultery
      -Surviving and Thriving After Divorce
      -Health and Healing
      -Problems With Your Children
      -Problems With Your Family, Friends
      -Finding Your Life's Direction 



NOTE: I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not treat "mental health" conditions. My counseling is by
donation only and my counseling comes from 30
 years in the ministry... teaching, pastoring, and life coaching. I am also a
former school teacher and worked closely with over 900 students in my career. 


-$30 donation to our ministry for 30 minutes   
-$60 donation to our ministry for 60 minutes   
-You will receive Biblical advice about your situation



-$30 donation to our ministry for one exchange
-You will receive Biblical advice regarding your question.
-One time e-mail exchange
 between us and you can follow up. 




Want some testimonials

Want to know more about me?

Fill out the form below if you would like to ask questions about what I do. Or you can submit a prayer request. 
If you do decide to send in a question for counseling services, please do so through the Donate For Counseling button
above and we will contact you through the email you provide to set up your session.  

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch in 24-48 hours...

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