• Also want to thank you for encouraging me to stick on through to choose life, you were clearly the most encouraging person I had reached out to. And the kindest for sure. Just a shout out to you for you to always know that you’ve touched a heart through your kindness and ministry.


  • Kimberly literally saved my life with her teachings. She taught me a whole new perspective on healing. I used to believe if it was God’s will for me to be healed then I would. What Kim taught me was that God wants all people to be happy, healthy and whole. We must speak life over our illness and align ourselves with his word.

  • Dear Rev. Lemler, Even though I read I would get a response within 24, I thought it was too good to be true. You answered my letter in 1 hour! I wrote in the morning around 8:45am and I had your response at 9:30. Thank you. You have helped me 'a lot'. May God Bless you and Keep you.


  • Again, Rev. Lemler has answered my questions 100%. May God continue to Bless her with her spiritual knowledge and fairness.


  • Rev. Lemler, I thank you for helping my family with your words if wisdom. I cried and cried when I read your reponse. It helped me alot, and I felt stronger. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.


  • Kim, I cannot possibly begin to thank you enough for this lengthy, detailed response that you have given me. You went out of your way to help here, Kim-I appreciate that so very much. Out of all of the responses from various pastors and so forth that I've received, Kim, this was probably the best one in terms of spelling things out directly and yet with wonderful comprehension. I thank you so much once again. This will really help me, I'll save it on the computer and go back to it when I need it.


  • Thank you so much for your response. I was so happyt o see a response based on God and not on some silly book.


  • Thank you so much for your quick reply. you gave great advice, and great references. I hope our marriage can outweigh the work of satan, and I will give it time. again, thank you and God bless.


  • Thank you so much. I want you to know how hearing somebody just helps out a lot.


  • Kim has been a blessing to me. She has prayed for me and listened to all of my problems. I am headed in the right direction and am thankful.


  • Kim ministered to me when my father was ill in the hospital. He was doing poorly and not expected to live. Instead of just praying for us, she taught us how to pray and take authority over the circumstances. We had never been taught this and my dad is a preacher. My mother did everything she was instructed and she began praying the way Kim taught. Soon after, my father started getting better. We are so thankful for Kim and her ministry.


  • Sound Christian advice based on the Bible. Two thumbs up and God bless Rev. Kimberly for helping me!


  • Loved your  response. Made me feel that I am doing the right thing by standing for my marriage! Thanks again.


  • Thank you for your answer. I Love it because it is Biblical. I also love that you are going to pray for me. Thanks.


  • Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement. What a blessing you have been. To have someone take the time to respond to my questions on a one on one basis is wonderful. Thank you, again. Many blessings to you.


  • Thank you!!You are right with everything you told me! God Bless you!


  • Thank you so much for your prayers they mean so much to me. It has been so wonderful to get Godly advice and still keep my problems private.


  • Thank you for replying. You are right in saying that my decision is between God and I. I'm thankful to God for people like you.


  • I really appreciate your plain non judgmental style. You relate to both men and women.


  • You have been a great help with my questions.It just confirmed everything I thought was right.


  • Thank you for your advise and I'm very much in contact with my Pastor. I'm also praying that the Lord will lead me in the right path. God Bless you and keep you safe.


  • Thank you for giving me some direction.


  • Thank you for the response. I was not clear with my description of the problem but your answer was concise.


  • Thank you so much. I believe in the Lord. And will check out Romans, I may look towards you for your help that you have available. Again thank you praise the Lord for people like you.


  • Dear Rev. Lemler, Thank you for your advice! You confirmed all of the thoughts that I had in my head. I went ahead and scheduled pre marital counseling with a pastor and, if he's willing, we're going to get started tomorrow night. Thanks again for your advice and getting back to me so promptly.


  • Rev. Lemler is very compassionate, understanding, and wise. While I'm in such a dark, desolate time of my life the advice I received gave me a glimmer of hope and strength. It was such a relief to be able to talk to someone. Thank you, Dr. Lemler for responding so quickly and for reminding me of the Truth.


  • Rev. Lemler, thank you for responding to me so promptly first of all. Secondly, thank you for the MUCH needed prayer. My heart is a bit lighter. I believe that God will work out the situation, I am walking away and placing it ALL in his hands for I have tried over and over to make it work. I do know that I am a young, beautiful woman, some days its hard to see it through all of the baggage. However, each day I am working on seeing my worth and being thankful for whatever happiness there is. Thank you again for the words of encouragement and letting me know its ok to let go and move on.


  • Thank you so much Rev. Kimberley! I have never before been touched by someone's words in my life!You are a true angel and your message has been sent to my heart! Thank you! May God bless you and time heal my heart.


  • Thank you so much Dr. Kimberly for your wisdom. Sometimes we have questions and they are hard to get answered with clarity when we are in them. So thank you for yours. A burden off my shoulders, and something to think about. God Bless you!


  • Thanks a lot for your answer it's been a while i never read the bible you gave me the answer that i need. It's time to let go everything in God's hand even though it hurts it will bring a better future. God might have his own way to show me that I've been far away from him so it's time to get back in track that i can't do everything on my own, i just need to let god do everything for my life and let him decide what is best for me. May god bless you and your work. Thanks.


  • Thank you for the most understanding and wise advice possible! You hear from the heart, as well and the intellect. God has blessed you with a priceless gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. I have printed your letter to read again when courage is low. With deep gratitude..


  • Thank you I need the Lord more then ever.


  • Very understanding and helpful. Extremely greatful for having someone, "out of the box", that can give me a better picture of what things are like! Thank you and God bless!


  • Thank you.. sometimes knowing what the right thing to do for the right reason is difficult ... I appreciate the clarity and insight and will follow your advice.


  • Thanks rev. lemler for your very indepth and timely response. Instead of telling me WHAT to do you SHOWED me what I SHOULD do. I guess sometimes we can spend all day looking for the complicated answer when the simple one is right in front our faces. your advice and opinion is greatly appreciated.


  • Rev. Kimberly Lemler Thank you for your response. It is welcoming to read your words and advice.


  • I am so thankful I e-mailed to Rev. Kimberly Lemler. The message she gave is the way I was raised. I was beginning to doubt myself from years of my husband telling I was basically raised wrong. Thank you so much.


  • Thank you for your prompt response. I am blessed that there are people like yourself willing to listen and offer advice to those that are suffering and need help. Praise God for you and your willingness to serve.


  • Thank you very much for your response and I greatly appreciate the advice. Thank you once again.


  • Dear Kimberly, thank you for your support. I really need some people to be on my side. Your advice is very wise. You are a good person with a big heart. I am a professional caregiver and always take care of the other people. Now I need someone to help me. Thank you. God bless you!


  • Thank you. I am going to find my Bible right now. I appreciate your input and I know deep deep down that you are right. Right now I feel a tug of war going on between the devil and myself. But I know that with God on my end of the rope I can win this battle. Thanks again.


  • Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate you asking me questions to better advise me. Thank you for your time!


  • Thank you so very much, for your truth and wisdom. Thank you for giving me the practical steps I need!! And the practical steps in praying for him. As you suggested I do feel God is moving me to another church. I never thought about warning her. From the bottom of my heart thank you.


  • Thank you so much for helping to ease my pain.xx!


  • Rev Kimberly, Thanks for the time you took to responds to my question. You are 100% correct. I am a born again Christian but I think I am lacking being filled by the Spirit. Thanks for your advice, I will act upon it right away. God bless you! All for Him.


  • Thank you for such clarity.


  • The right answers at the right time. I truly appreciate her answers. It's apparent that she carefully considers each question before answering and her answers are direct and to the point. She has been a Godsend to me.

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