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The Church of the Frigidaire

There are many churches out there today who belong in this category. I'm not being mean or unkind. I am just plainly speaking facts. What do I mean by the Church of the Frigidaire? Let me explain... I have been a parishioner in some of these churches during my earlier church-going years. When I realized that I was not progressing in my spiritual walk, I took a long hard look at what I was a part of. These Frigidaire churches... 1. Follow a time and format schedule.

2. Allow no room for the Holy Spirit to flow. 3. Rarely have alter calls for healing, or offer communion weekly. 4. Want their members to be at church all the time, giving, giving to the church. 5. Do not encourage members to go out and do street ministry.

6. Are all about "their" members and groups and committees.

7. See little or no miracles or healings. 8. Do not teach about the Gifts of the Spirit and discourage the gifts. 9. Believe that healing and miracles are not God's will.... or if they are, it's all up to God and sometimes He does, and sometimes He doesn't. 10. Discourage women from leadership. 11. Do not teach about prosperity. 12. Do not teach about spiritual warfare. I could make this list larger, but I will stop there. You get my point. The Frigidaire Churches are COLD to the things of the Lord. They are COLD to the truth. They keep their members in a MORGUE. One church told me in order to get help that I needed (I was bedridden on and off for years back in the 90's), I had to be a part of a "group." Another church's pastor told me, "Well, Kim, you have to die sometime!" I was in my 30's. Another church taught that God puts sickness on people to teach them something. Another church discouraged raising our hands in worship. My head was spinning from all of the religious RHETORIC and I had to get out before I lost my life. Literally. I eventually found some wonderful churches who were the OPPOSITE of the Frigidaire Churches...these were the ON FIRE CHURCHES, and I was able to finally learn what the Bible was really teaching! Yes, you may LOVE your church! I think it is safe to say that you love the FELLOWSHIP more and that's why you are still there. It's a fun place. It's like a country club. BUT.... what are you really getting out of it? If they are not teaching you to be His disciples and to go out and lay hands on the sick in the marketplace, then how will you ever be an effective witness for Christ? How can you make a difference in the world, if all you are doing is "going" to church?

Friends, remember that the church is NOT a building. The CHURCH is all of US! We are to take the CHURCH out to the world. The world is not coming to a church building to get help. The help needs to flow OUT of the church, through its members, as followers of Christ. We are to do what He did. Cast out devils. Heal the sick. Set the oppressed free. Bring them into the Kingdom of God. Jesus was all about doing the will of His Father, and that was all GOOD. Take a really close assessment of your spiritual growth and of the church as you sit under the leadership. Ask yourself if you are doing what Jesus did and does your church equip you for that huge task? How do you rate them in relation to thenumbers 1-12 above?? Our time is short. We cannot be pussyfooting around, playing church, but have no fruit to show. God wants you to be everything He created you to be. He wants you to start reading for yourself in His Word about His ways and start following HIS TEACHINGS.... not your denomination's. Are you willing??

~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry.

God's Healing Power Radio Ministry

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Church of the Frigidaire
The Church of the Frigidaire


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