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And I will give you pastors according to my heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. - Jeremiah 3:15

He sent His Word 
He healed them 
delivered them 
from destruction.

- Psalm 107:20
Minister/Teacher Kimberly Lemler

I am a non-denominational minister of the Gospel operating in the Biblical office of Teacher. (Ephesians 4:11.), and have been ministering since 1993.

Formerly a school teacher, I was called to teach His Word while battling  illnesses in the 90's that were labeled "incurable." The Lord healed me and I have been ministering to people through personal ministry and worldwide through our radio programs.

My Bible training was through Victory Bible Institute and I take continuing education courses every year. I am a graduate of Indiana University with master's classes through Purdue University. 


Check out my podcast called "Never Give Up" on my podcast link to hear my personal testimony. 

I am married, have two sons, three grandsons, lots of pets, and am working on several more books, radio shows and podcasts, and a Learning School. I also own my own businesses. I am a nutritionist, elite personal trainer, hormone specialist, and run my own Wellness company. We also own a woodshop company. 


Our main ministry is  Words To Heart Ministries, Inc.  (God's Healing Power Radio Ministry ) and we are a 501c3 ministry.  Your donations to Words To Heart Ministries are tax deductible.  

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