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Grab A Shovel

The enemy tries to drag things out. Healing sometimes takes a longer time to manifest than we want, when healing should be a "now" thing. The enemy wants to stay ENTRENCHED (the word I received last week) in our lives. Take a look at the meaning of this word, "entrench"...

Definition of "entrench" transitive verb

1a : to place within or surround with a trench especially for defense b : to place (oneself) in a strong defensive position c : to establish solidly entrenched themselves in the business 2 : to cut into : FURROW specifically : to erode downward so as to form a trench intransitive verb

1 : to dig or occupy a trench for defensive purposes 2 : to enter upon or take over something unfairly, improperly, or unlawfully

That last line is really important. Get a hold of this. The enemy is trespassing on God's people UNLAWFULLY! It's ILLEGAL! It's criminal, felonious, illegitimate, illicit, lawless, and wrongful.

Several years ago for a whole summer, we had a thief coming out to our lumber mill and stealing piles of firewood in the middle of the night. We put up cameras, did stakeouts, but the thief was always able to elude us. It eventually stopped when the word got out that we were packing heat and we were not going to allow our hard work and money to go down the proverbial drain.

What did we do to stop the thief? We presented him with the reality of FIRE POWER. He didn't want to deal with this potentially life threatening outcome and turned tail and ran. Done and done.

SO...when we are dealing with satan and his thieving, killing, and destroying band of cohorts, we need to use FIRE POWER. This is not a physical fire power, but rather, the most powerful weapon on this earth, over and above anything man could ever create.... that FIRE POWER is the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT.

What is the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT? It is part of our precious spiritual armor and the only offensive weapon of the lot. This sword is "machaira" in the Greek. It is the most brutal weaponry that the Roman soldiers had. And here's the most important thing about this sword... it had 2 edges! It was only 19 inches long and quick to cut into an enemy with a stabbing motion, unlike the long, heavy swords that were used with sweeping actions.

Here is an interesting description from Vegetius, a Roman historian from 380 A.D. "A stroke with the edges, though made with ever so much force, seldom kills, as the vital parts of the body are defended by both the bones and armor. On the contrary, a stab, although it penetrates but two inches, is generally fatal."

So why is this important to us spiritually against the enemy of our soul... the same enemy who came to Jesus in the wilderness, tempting him to go along with his wicked schemes?

The SWORD of the SPIRIT is the WORD OF GOD. The two-edged sword is a "two-mouthed" sword... Distomos... and it represents GOD speaking the Word and WE, as His believers, SPEAKING THE WORD. What GOD SPEAKS, WE SPEAK! Isn't this what Jesus did when satan came to Him? Yes... He quoted THE WORD and said, IT IS WRITTEN. Satan could not stand up to the FIRE POWER of this. He had to turn tail and retreat.

But listen carefully.... if we, as Christians, who are given a perfect set of instructions contained in His Word, do not have this Word down in our hearts and deeply ENTRENCHED (there's that word again, but in a GOOD connotation), then we can't pull the SWORD out of our loin belt of TRUTH and mortally wound our enemy. It takes a commitment on our part to be armed and dangerous!

How do we dig out the devil and his band of misfits who want to stay ENTRENCHED in our lives? What shovel do we use to dig the evil out of that trench? Purely and simply, we use the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT... The WORD OF GOD. With a STAB, we can defeat him quickly and mortally. "Submit to God, RESIST the devil, and he will flee." This is God's promise to us...

If the doctor gives you a bad report, you can roll over and agree with him... or... you can say, thank you for your diagnosis, and then leave there with your SWORD OF THE SPIRIT drawn, ready to spiritually STAB the enemy with, "It is written! By the stripes of Jesus, I HAVE been healed! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! God heals ALL of my diseases! With long life with God satisfy me and show me my salvation!"

It's time to get serious with our FIRE POWER and dig the devil out of the trench!!

En Garde!

Pastor Kim @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry and KL Ministries. © 2019.


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