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Friends For a Season

Not everyone who comes into our life is supposed to be there for a lifetime. Some are just with us for a season...for them to help us, or us to help them, or to help each other.

Many times the Lord is protecting us from negative influences and will remove people so that we don't let them take us down a road we should never go down. He is a good Daddy and wants only the best for us.

Not everyone is going to be our friend or meant to be. That's okay because God has the perfect friends for us... those who will be with us through thick and thin... those who are uplifting and non judgemental... those who are a light in the midst of darkness. These people are our true friends. The fair weather friends will come and go and we will know them by their fruit.

Good faithful friends are hard to find. They are rare. So if you have those few who are true blue and will stick closer than a brother, consider yourself blessed!


Proverbs 20:6 ~

Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a faithful man who can find? ********************************************************************

Kimberly Lemler, Minister/Teacher ~@ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. If you need prayer, contact us through the website.


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