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Fake News

We are all aware of what’s going on in the media today. False news stories, half-truths and the like are being touted as “fake news.” It’s meant to deceive the public and so many are buying into this deception with fervor.

There’s another kind of “fake news” and sadly, it has been infecting the church for decades…

The Bible says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” God’s people are perishing, sitting in churches all over this country, listening to fake news about Jesus and about His Word.

What’s that news?

That Jesus inflicts people with cancer and other diseases. That Jesus may not want to heal you. That Jesus picks and chooses whom He will bless and heal. That if it’s “God’s will”, He will heal you. That you have to “suffer” for Christ. That you must remain poor because having money is evil. That prosperity is from the devil.

And the list goes on and on and on and on…..

Christians are under a spell when it comes to this kind of fake news. They remain loyal to their church, even though the information they receive on a weekly basis may literally be killing them.

It’s time for a reset! Time to go back and start reading the Word for ourselves and searching for TRUTH. It’s not hard to find. It just takes a little diligence and a desire to know the REAL JESUS.

I can dispel every one of those statements I listed above with TRUE Bible verses and so can you…

So I challenge you to open up The Word and start reading about the GOODNESS of God and how He wants His people healed, blessed, saved and delivered! It’s all there in black and white between Genesis and Revelation. Choose to be one who does NOT perish for lack of knowledge…

~Pastor Kim @ God’s Healing Power Radio Ministries. Kimberly Lemler Ministries.

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