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Stay Tucked In

I was thinking the other day about what Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She told her to keep tight inside her ruby slippers and that their magic must be powerful, otherwise she (the Witch) wouldn't want them so badly...

Lots of Christian themes within this movie!

My take on this: Stay in the secret place, safe within the blood of Jesus. His power, working through us, is mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Our enemy roams about seeking whom He may devour. Submit to God, RESIST the devil and he will flee. Abide in God, under his wings. It is there we will be safe...

In this crazy upside down world, we must stay tucked deep inside of Christ and hold on TIGHTLY. He is our refuge and our fortress. All the power, anointing and strength we will ever need is within us, through The Holy Spirt...

Never let Him go!

~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry.

God's Healing Power Radio Ministry

Hope For Healing Radio 31 Yrs in Ministry

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