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What Are You Full Of?

Interesting title... but this is a legit question. To phrase it another way, what has you filled up inside? I look around and see so many people who are filled up with: -the lust for money -the drive for material things -the passion for sports or video games -selfish emotions and drama Some of these things are totally consuming people's live and they have no room for the things of God. And then they wonder why their prayers are hitting the ceiling. The Bible tells us to "be filled with the Spirit." When God fills us with His Holy Spirit, carnal things are no longer top priority, but the desire for the things of God will start to rise to the surface and be dominant in your life. When Jesus left this earth, He didn't leave us powerless. It was even better for us that He left, because the Holy Spirit is now here and is omnipresent. He is the power of God on this earth. If you are struggling in your life and you know that you do not have enough of God so that you can see that power operating, then make a decision to be filled with His Spirit and let go of the things that are holding you back. He will help you every step of the way. Here's a simple prayer you can pray today... "Father God, I know that I am not using my time wisely and my focus is on so many other things and not on You. I know that I should be praying more and following the path that You want me to follow, but I am struggling. Help me to find my way. Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit and show me what I should be doing with my time here on this earth. I submit to You today... AMEN!" ~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry Classes coming soon!


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