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We Are Children of The Kingdom

Do your children beg you for their food? Of course not! As a parent you gladly and willingly give them food to eat. Do they beg for their clothing, their school books, the roof over their head? Again, of course not! Where am I going with this...

Some Christians believe they have to beg their heavenly Father to provide for them. Instead of understanding they belong to the household of God and are privy to His "daily bread", they feel that if they beg and cry for what they need, God will feel sorry and give it to them. It doesn't work like this!

As Christians, we have LEGAL RIGHTS in THE KINDGDOM that God set up on this earth. We do not have to beg God for what He has already provided for us! Our part is to ask God to "Give us our daily bread." Thank Him for what is already ours and receive it!

Now, can provision get short circuited? Absolutely! The enemy is an equal opportunity destroyer and does not want you to prosper and be in health. Remember, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But... God instructs us on how to stand against the wiles of the enemy. If you are not reading The Book (our instruction manual for life) , then you don't have the directions you need on how to stand.

So... if you are born again child of the Most High God, then you are a member of the family and everything Jesus has, He has given to you. Rejoice, hold your head up high, take your authority against the thieving enemy, and stop begging God for what He has already provided for you...

~ Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. Copywritten from our book materials. Contact us through our ministry for prayer, resources, and counseling.


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