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Take What's Good and Leave the Rest

There is a massive amount of information out there. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has something to share. We are not at a loss for information in this social media obsessed 21st century, that's for sure!

But who are we listening to? Are we listening to truth? Are we listening to propaganda? What are we taking away from the deluge of data that is coming our way, lightning fast and non-stop?

It's time for discernment. Pray about everything. And take what is good, and leave the rest. Is it serving you? Is it blessing you? Is it helping you to be a blessing to others? Pray for WISDOM and DISCERNMENT.

Have you been in the produce department and picked through the veggies and fruits? Take what's good and leave the rest.

Have you sat and listened to a sermon in church and questioned some things the pastor was preaching? Take what's good and leave the rest.

Have you had a doctor's appointment and he/she wants you to take a certain mix of medicines and do certain therapies? Take what's good and leave the rest.

The human body does not use everything that goes into the mouth. It takes what is good out of the foods to nourish the body and leaves the rest for us to naturally eliminate.

You see where I am going with this. Not everything coming our way is for our benefit. Not everything is for our good. And YOU know better than anyone (well, most of the time!), what is best for YOU. There are too many people, organizations, government entities and the like who are all so willing to tell you what to do, how to do it, and who to do it to. It's time to take personal responsibility for your lives and well-being, because in the end, nobody besides God Almighty and family (well, most of them!), has your best interests at heart.

So.... take what's good and leave the rest behind. Build your future on WISDOM and DISCERNMENT found in God's Word, and know that God is always there to help guide and direct your footsteps when you ask Him...

********************************************************************* © 2020. Kim Lemler @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. For prayer and resources, contact us through the website.


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