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Social Media Mess

I don't know about you, but doesn't it seem like people are getting meaner? Or could it be that they now just have an easy avenue to spew their venom while sitting in their pajamas and remaining anonymous? They've been mean all along but finally have a way for the world to be on the receiving end of their poison pens. People can be nasty! No doubt about it. They have such a huge black hole in their soul that can only be filled with God. Their hurt and trauma have to be projected onto others. Hurting people hurt people... I made a comment on an IG post, giving the answer to an algebra problem. I used to be a math teacher and took 2nd year algebra in college. The claws came out pretty soon afterward and the comments were crazy mean. Yeah, my answer was correct and you could find it in any high school or college math book. But no.... the haters gotta hate. On one pastor's video post, teaching about marriage and how men should treat their wives by stepping up and helping her... oh boy!!! That one opened up a can of worms. No wonder the divorce rate is so high, with so many of those men's comments showing their male chauvanism. Here are some of the STUPID comments... "How is that going for you mate, not all of us want to be dominated like u..." "That is all you are supposed to do (go to work and come home and rest). I hate when the Simps are trying to make men into gods. And what are the women doing exactly? Most of them are overweight and can't even cook. If you're providing the roof for your family in your paying on the bills, you are a man. Nothing more, nothing less." "So his life revolves around her happiness and the man continues to be a slave in one way or another or to someone else all their F'ing life. Stay unmarried, Kings." "The world revolves around a man. This is a man's world." "Males like this dude are a cancer to society." "Don't really care. Women no longer put effort but demand servitude. When women become feminine again, maybe, just maybe , we migh take interest again." "If your partner is worth it." "They didn't marry her for that." "Most pastors cater to women and we put their needs first, because they are the biggest members in the church." "Men give everything to women only to be **** on." "Women are supposed to do what I tell them to do." And on and on and on... I have to seriously CRINGE when I hear the comments of most men. The male chauvanism gene runs deep in our society and in foreign societies , sad to say. We women are beneath them, have no brains, and not worthy of love, time, and attention. I see this all the time on other posts. In all my years, I have NEVER met a woman who isn't a strong woman and a leader....and who doesn't do 1000 things a day for everybody else. I guess if some of these men get tied up with a Hollywood housewife type, then it's their poor pickin's! But I really have not met any women like that...ever. Social media can be so great for getting the word out about certain things. There was a woman I was following who ripped apart her home and rebuilt everything herself and was teaching others how to do things. Boy, the mean guys AND girls who came out to tear down her efforts. The black hole people. The one's who seriously need God's love to fill them up. I am going to stick to supporting those positive words and stories and when the poison fangs come out, there is always that nice little BLOCK button... Poof, gone! If the UPS person comes to the door and the box says VIPERS, I am not receiving it. Bye bye!! Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. Celebrating 30 Years In Ministry. 1993-2023+


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