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It's inevitable.

Follow God and serve Him and you will have satan and his band of spiritual thugs after that bullseye on your back. He will come through circumstances, through people, through your health and any way he can in order to stop you from your God-ordained destiny. He is an equal opportunity destroyer.

But... know that God is in the business of healing and deliverance and is faithful to pull you out of the quicksand when you keep your eyes focused on Him and not the waters that are meant to shipwreck your divine calling.

Count it all joy! You are needed in this earthly realm to fight for His Kingdom. Get back up and grab on to the hem of His garment and allow His power and strength to revive you, restore you, and propel you forward into your destiny...

~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. Contact us for counseling, prayer and resources. New radio shows, podcasts and classes coming soon!


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