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Second Opinion, or Third, or Fourth...

Suzanne Somers -- the actress, entrepreneur, and health advocate whose books have all been #1 on the NYT -- was diagnosed with full body cancer several years ago. Six oncologists in California concurred that she was dying of cancer and needed to put her affairs in order. The news was pretty shocking to her, to say the least. Her intuition told her to dig a little deeper and with the help of her medical contacts in her books, discovered she did NOT have full body cancer and was NOT about ready to push up daisies. She had FULL BODY FUNGUS! And of course, this was totally treatable and she recovered. Now, how can 6 specialists in the best hospitals in California get it wrong?? Because they are human... and practicing medicine. I have had my own journey with false diagnoses with some awful doctors. Back in the early 90's, I was having bizarre symptoms and nobody was able to pinpoint the cause. The answer was always, "There's nothing wrong with you... maybe you should see a shrink." Well, don't ya know, then when your inner voice kicks in and tells you that there is something wrong, then there's something wrong! Turns out I had Grave's Disease, Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and a heart valve prolapse. Hmmmm... see a shrink? I think the doctors needed to see a shrink and go back to medical school. Most recently I had the displeasure of seeing an ER doctor 3 times for some issues over the course of 3 years and this "doctor" was the most arrogant man I have ever met. The first time I had had food allergy reaction to something and my heart went in to tachycardia and I could not get it to regulate. That has happened occasionally when I have been out in a restaurant and within a minute, had heart issues. "It's just IBS and a panic attack. " Uh.... no. You are so WRONG, doc. Do you not know anything about food allergy reactions? Apparently not. The second time I was recovering from being continually poisoned in my own salon from the acrylic nail chemicals formula. (Lots of info online about this and how salon workers are getting ill over the country... read up on it. ) My functional medicine doctor had me on a detox to pull this junk out of my brain and cells. The detox was going too fast and my heart, once again, went into tachy. And once again, I was unfortunate enough to get this same ER doctor who said... " It's just IBS and a panic attack. Take something for your stomach." Nothing like being belittled when you don't feel well... The THIRD time I was lucky once again to see this overbearing doctor, was after being poisoned by farm chemicals. I live on a farm and for several weeks on and off the field sprayers and the little yellow plane were inundating the farm neighborhoods with their poison. (Shades of North by Northwest... some of you will get this...) The kicker was the neighbor who decided to spray the ditch with some God-awful chemical by my mail box and infront of my house while I was outside. I choked and gagged my way back to the house. By the time evening came, I was so sick I could not walk. I spent weeks and weeks with seizures and bizarre symptoms. At one point I needed to go to the ER and guess who was there!!! Mr. "you're just having a panic attack." Oh great. It's you again. I honestly should have gone to another hospital... (Never had any trouble with chemicals for 20 years and then out of the blue, it started. Many people have reactions to peanut butter. I don't. So why farm chemicals for me? I don't know, probably because my immune system was shot...but I believe that I am over this for good!) So... even though I came in with a wheelchair, had hives, experiencing numbness in my limbs and head, had severe stomach pain, could not stand up, and sick as a dog, the "doctor" would not examine me, would not order blood tests and basically just stood there with his arms crossed and said... You guessed it..... "You are just having a panic attack!" It took everything in me to stay calm.... He went on to say that he speaks with his shrink son in another state all the time and they discuss the cases and his son says that most cases are just panic attacks. BINGO! Now I know where he got that stupid mindset. He also told me to stop arguing with him and that chiropractors are quacks and I should not be listening to them. (So says the quack doctor who is standing infront of me...) Three days later I went to my functional medicine doctor who is a chiropractor and the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met, and he was able to properly diagnose me with chemical poisoning, adrenal crash, allergic reaction hives, hiatal hernia, ringworm, a raging jaw infection, pinched nerve in my neck, rib out in my back, immune system low from having had covid and a tooth abscess, and more.... and treat me. He gave me a protocol to detox and recover and thanks to him and God's help, I slowly started to regain my health. I ended up writing a few reviews online about the "It's just a panic attack" doctor. Well, Mr. Clueless did not care for what I wrote and called me AT HOME to scream and yell at me on the phone and tell me I was lying. He also started to come against my "evangelical faith." I slammed the phone down and put an end to his invasion into my privacy. I wrote a letter to the board of directors and then just let it be. But... the doctor and his wife, would NOT let it be and went on to my social media ministry pages to lie about me with some awful words, without an ounce of truth. And it just happened again recently. They won't let up with bearing false witness against me with their outright, bold-faced lies. The wife even went to my business site and submitted a false review... she has never had services at our salon! This man and his wife are liars and gaslighters... the truth is not in them. But... NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER AND EVERY TONGUE THAT RISES AGAINST ME IN JUDGMENT I SHALL SHOW TO BE IN THE WRONG. I will take this Word of God and come back against the onslaught. This is a spiritual battle and they have no clue who they are dealing with... God Almighty, Who is my shield and my fortress. The One Who lives in me... Long story... but here's my point. Get other opinions. It may take a dozen or more... but just keep searching because YOU KNOW innately what is going on in your body and what is normal and what is not. Take someone with you into a room with a doctor. Don't ever be by yourself! Get it on tape if you can. Do not allow someone to bully you. Stand up for what is right. Report wrongdoings. This is the only way these kinds of clueless people can be held accountable. Incidentally, troll doctor if you and your troll wife are trolling this page like you have my others, a "quack chiropractor" saved my life in 1993 when he found a carotid bruit in my neck that was threatening my life. No other doctor examined me thoroughly enough to find it, but he did. I received treatment and it was resolved and I lived, thanks to my "quack" friend and God! Chiros are REAL doctors... yes that's right!! The only things they don't do are prescribe drugs or do surgery, but are trained the same or more than MD's. Functional medicine doctors look to the roots. I do actually have a very fine MD , but for the most part, I will consult my 3 functional medicine doctors first because they were trained to look deeper.

Take a hard look at that chart... I will add that recently my functional medicine doctor ordered tests that my MD had no clue these tests existed, and found out why I have been feeling poorly. My thyroid has not been functioning correctly at only 40%, even though the blood test reference range says normal. My zinc and hormone levels were very low, and other vitamins such as D and C were depleted as I had been fighting a tooth abscess for 2.5 years! And I had... get this.... a whole body fungal infection! Circle back to Suzanne... :) Feeling better after getting the tooth out (That's another long story and 3 dentists to beg them into pulling it! Always get another opinion! ) and with treatment AND PRAYER... Heart scans are PERFECT. God is so good. He guides and directs every step of the way. He is our HOPE and our REFUGE. Jesus did not tiptoe through the tulips. He called out injustice, sometimes LOUDLY and with name calling.... and I am in good company to follow His examples. ~Kimberly P.S. I have to add this, because you just can't make it up. I found a review by the doctor's wife about her OWN MD and it was a scathing, negative review! Seems as though the words "Double Standard" come to mind here... ;) "I would not be a patient of Dr. Nelson again! I had a recent hospitalization and I spoke with his office that I had some urgency to see him. They scheduled my appointment two months out! They know I am a physician and I explained two months was too long! The office personnel handles important decision making that is less than sound decision making. So after 20 years of loyalty to Dr. Nelson, I will not return. I hope other sick patients do not have the same experience I have had!" And I found this public review of the ER doctor by a man who had seen him in the ER and we have spoken about his treatment, or lack thereof... "The absolute worst hospital experience will ever encounter. From the time it took 4 nurses to put in an IV for my wife who was going in to labor to the bad experiences I've had every time I go there. DR. JAMES LOWE. All I have to say. He is the most ignorant, incompetent and uncaring person I have ever met. I'll put it to you this way, I have NOT ONLY sent 2 complaints to the hospital human resource manager, risk management RN and the President/CEO, but also the state of Indiana's attorney general and the medical licensing board. It's been that bad of treatment. If I could give them a -10 score, I would. I wouldn't take a baby doll to them and expect them to get its weight right. Terrible!!"

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