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It's God's Plan

We hear this so often, don't we? So... is everything that happens, "God's Plan?" The simple answer is no. Many times, it's satan's plan...

We must remember that God gave us dominion here on this earth, in satan's territory. The Bible says that satan is the "god of this world." We have to navigate through this life, using the tools that God gave us to be overcomers. The question is.... are we using the tools????

God's sovereignty applies to what Jesus accomplished at the cross. We must appropriate the promises. Sadly, many Christians do not and then live with the consequences of their (non) actions.

We must understand that many of the situations we live with everyday are because of prayer failures. That's right, prayer failures. How do I know this? Because James 4:3 tells us..

James 4:3~ You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.

The Bible is full of instructions like this so that we can have successful outcomes of our prayers. God is telling us what to do, how to pray, and how to receive.

Satan may have a diabolical plan and try to attack you with his fiery darts, but God's plan is to teach you how to overcome those attacks. Listen to the Master because HIS PLANS are what will guide us through this life successfully...

~Pastor Kim Lemler @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry


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