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Get Out There!

This is on my heart today...

I see so many people worshipping church-going instead of worshipping the reason why they go. HIM!

Read that again...

We need to remember that we ARE THE CHURCH and although "going" to church is great and we get to worship with other people and listen to some great sermons that keep us inspired, what God REALLY wants is to take your sweet selves out there and minister to the people because "they ain't coming to church." We cannot live in a cave and be self-contained.

I remember the part in the Sister Act movie where the one sister wanted to go OUT and be with the people instead of being cooped up in a building. Words of wisdom...

You've got to get to the place where you are comfortable ministering out in the world. You are His voice, and arms, and feet and hands. We are to lay hands on the sick and pray for people who need us. Where else are they going to get this??

Jesus never used long flowery words to minister. And the same goes for us...

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and EMPOWER you for ministry to others. (Read 1 Corinthians 12...) It is with His power that we can fulfill our calling... and we are ALL called to minister to others.

Kimberly ~ Minister/Teacher @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry

(If you need help with this and don't know where to start, message me!)


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