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Freedom. Many people want it, but not sure what it really means, where to find it, and how to go about achieving it. Here is a good word for you today.

We often hear about the "truth setting us free." Most of the time people will put their own spin on it and make it into what they want it to mean. But this saying comes directly from the Word... precisely from John 8:31-32. The KEY to becoming FREE is found here... and it is a CONDITIONAL promise.

Yes, the Word is filled full of CONDITIONAL promises. They are called IF-THEN statements. IF you do this, THEN... this will happen.

"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And [then] ye shall know the truth, and [then] the truth shall make you FREE."

What does it meant to be FREE? If you research this word in this context in the Concordance, in Greek, you will see that it means "Liberated, delivered." Freedom means to be set free from whatever is hindering you. It may mean salvation for those who are not saved... it may mean something physical, emotional, or mental. It may mean financial. There can be many applications to this verse and that is what is so beautiful about scripture. It goes on to say that we can also be free from being a slave to sin.

So how do we get this freedom?? Does it just come by "knowing" truth? And of course we then need to ask, "What is truth?"

The answer lies in 31. IF you CONTINUE in my Word....THEN you will be my disciples and know TRUTH and THEN it will make you free (delivered, liberated).

It is not enough to just pray once and then move on. It's not enough to take 21 days and read the Word and then move on to something else. This passage is telling us that we must CONTINUE. This implies that we need to be FAITHFUL in staying in the Word and learning all of the TRUTHS that our Lord is trying to teach us. This is a LIFELONG process. The more that we stay in the Word, believe it, and walk in it, the more TRUTH we will receive and the more LIBERATION we will experience.

FREEDOM comes from CONTINUING.... with God and His Word. AMEN! Copyright. All rights reserved. Article by Kimberly Lemler, Minister, Teacher. Words To Heart Ministries. God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. God's Healing Power Radio Ministry

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