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Bless Those Who Curse You

Sometimes Jesus called people out and actually called them names, and sometimes He didn't. The one scripture that really hits home for me when mean people come against others with gossip, lies, twisted stories, and untruths is Luke 6:28... and I have to say that I have had my FILL of this kind of juvenile behavior that tries to destroy the reputation of others. Our true friends know us deeply and know the truth... and that is all that matters.

So... here is Godly wisdom for ALL of us...

Luke 6:28: "When someone curses you, bless that person in return. When you are mistreated and harassed by others, accept it as your mission to pray for them."

MISSION: I pray blessings and pray for them....

When we do that, God blesses US! And I LOVE THAT! It's God's reward for all of the "junk" that people try to put us through. And I say "try" because when God is for us, who can be against us?? (Romans 8:31)

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. ( Isaiah 54:17)

Don't allow small-minded mean people to take up rent in your head... Turn them over to God and He will take care of everything! We can throw our heads back and LAUGH at the onslaught! It's true FREEDOM!!!

Isn't God's Word powerful???

~Kimberly @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry.

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