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Answered Prayer Revealed!

Could it be....

That you are not receiving what you need from God because of failing to follow the two parts of this VERY important scripture??

Hmmm.... Could it be that you are failing and God is not the problem?? (And I include myself here as well...)

Most people blame God when prayers don't get answered, but in reality, it's always a human failure. God gives us ALL of the answers in His Word. ALL. Did I say, ALL??

Yes, He gives us EVERYTHING that pertains to life. He gives us THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. But rarely is it followed because most people want to write THEIR own gospel, with THEIR own thoughts and THEIR own ideas. God's truths are tossed out with the bathwater...

So... what is this very important scripture?? This is eye opening and you may have read this scripture before, but glossed over it and didn't fully understand it. It's TIME to fully understand it... From John 15:7... If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, (THEN) you will ask what you desire, and (THEN) it shall be done for you. Have you seen this passage before? Do you know what it is trying to tell you? Let's unpack it...>>>>>>> There are two parts to this and this passage is called an IF<Then statement. It means, IF you do this, THEN this will happen. On the flip side, if you DO NOT DO THIS, then THIS will not happen. This can be read both ways. The second part of the passage is dependent on the first. There are HUNDREDS of IF<THEN statements in the Bible. This is just one of them, and a very crucial one that will determine whether or not you will receive the answers to your prayers... The word "abide" in the Strong's Concordance, is the Greek word meno, which means: -to be held of kept continually; to endure; to remain as one; to continue to be present; not to depart or perish; to dwell; to live; to stand . So... IF you remain as one with the Lord AND His Words never depart from you and continue to be present... THEN you will ask what you desire and THEN it shall be done for you... IF<THEN. Do you see it?? I think the most important part of this passage is the part about WORDs, because most people who are Christians dwell with the Lord. Most. (I think we all still need a little help with this part and this may need a whole other article...) But then where it all falls apart is after the AND.... AND MY WORDS REMAIN IN YOU. There's the disconnect. There's the part where the fuse gets fried and no power gets to the answer. The Word of God needs to be a part of our hearts AND continually coming forth from our lips. We can't just think it and know it... we need to SAY. Let's cross reference this (in light of other scripture) with this: Mark 11:23: For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Wow. Isn't this eye-opening?? So, IF we dwell with the Lord and IF we allow His Words to continually live in us and come out of us, THEN we will ask of the Father and He will answer our prayers!! Isn't this good news?? Let's read that on the flip-side as well. I think it makes an even stronger impact: IF we DO NOT dwell with the Lord and IF we DO NOT allow His Words to continually live in us and come out of us, THEN when we ask of the Father, He will NOT answer our prayers.

BOOM! And there it is... It's time for all of us to take this SERIOUSLY. No, I mean UBER SERIOUSLY. God is trying to give us THE CLUE for answered prayer. Let's not mess up the easy instructions...okay?? © ~Kimberly Minister/Teacher @ God's Healing Power Radio Ministry. 1993-2021+

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