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A New Season

Update on what is going on with the ministry these days...

So I have been in cave mode for quite some time over the past year. Asking the Lord for guidance and direction on the next season in my life.

I have been interested in and researching health, nutrition and fitness for my whole life. I almost went into nursing 40 years ago, but became a school teacher instead. I remember in high school I was in HCC Health Careers Club and worked in the nurses office taking blood pressure and temps. Fun times! My best friend and I were doing organic and health foods and supplements and juicing 25 years ago when everyone was making fun of us. Now it's not a funny thing anymore...It's necessary!

Here is what I have always known about the healing ministry, which I have been doing for 28 years. It's not just about laying hands on people to get well... although that is a large portion of what I do. It's about keeping them healthy. So often the Lord will not have me pray for healing, but rather teach people why they are sick and what to do to improve their health. A person cannot eat chips and pop every day and expect to have good health. It's about a LIFESTYLE of taking care of the temple that He gave us.

Sometimes we need an outright miracle and absolutely need prayer for that. We are fighting an unseen enemy and we are told to stay vigilant! Attacks come! But so often we need common sense about how we should take care of our bodies. I want to inject some common sense into the equation in a much deeper way.

So.... I went back to classes and now I am a Certified Aromatherapist and hopefully within a few weeks I will be a Certified Nutritionist. I have about 2 weeks of finals to get through! My brain hurts from all of the studying and medical lingo. And I will be following up with certifications this summer and for the next year with various aspects of health and nutrition, including personal training. I have loved working out all of my life! And there is such an information void out there in regards to women past 50 and past menopause in their health and activity.

With Aromatherapy, I learned so much about all of the clinical trials with the natural things God gave us to help us heal. He gave us food such as lemons that have so many healing properties. Same with things like oregano oil, curcumin, lavender, tea tree, and the list is very long! The other day I had a terrible itchy rash from working in the gardens and was able to use something topically to get rid of it, and it worked quickly!! I am certainly not into the new age side of Aromatherapy.... but rather focused on the things that are time tested, God given, and recommended by great functional medicine doctors.

My goal is to INTEGRATE all of this into the healing ministry and I will be focused on teaching... writing, publishing books and teaching courses and I will still be going back on radio and doing podcasts, and also will be ministering through video for congregations in other countries.

The Lord is the Healer. He heals supernaturally and He heals through all of the wonderful food that He gave us. I want to help people learn about both...

Prayers appreciated!!! And I am still available for prayer! God answers prayer...



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